Do you sell "cheap beds"?

No, we have: "budget mattresses", not cheap !!
    The word -Budget- does not mean an inferior bed. Economical mattresses can be durable, high quality beds that provide you a good night sleep.
   The difference can be as simple as not including fancy exterior fabric or other cosmetic items.
You can afford a GREAT bed, but spend MUCH less!
No one can afford a "cheap" mattress.

This is "budget bed"? Wow!

   The new Clearwater Discount Mattress warehouse store in Largo has discount prices, but not "cheap beds". We sell 1st quality mattresses, at low prices... and deliver to your home in Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor, the beaches, all of Pinellas County and the Tampa-side of the Bay-Area too.
We schedule your delivery when it is convenient for YOU, because your time is valuable too!!

Can the prices at the new Clearwater Discount Mattress warehouse store in Largo REALLY be that much lower? Yes, They can. We really watch the pennies, so you get everyday lower prices.

How can we do it? We don't pay rent on 52 "high-rent" mattress stores in Clearwater, St Pete, Largo, Palm Harbor and all across Tampa Bay. We got rid of the big electric bill for those large neon signs too. We are locally-owned, with one of the owners in the store EVERY DAY. There are NO high-commission "sleep consultants" waiting to pounce on you and we don't hire "famous" spokesmodels, or talking cartoon sheep. All of those big delivery trucks? They are "Gone"! If it doesn't help us give you better prices and service...Poof !! We got rid of it. One single TV commercial in Tampa Bay cost more than the final, low price we offer for an entire mattress set. We obviously didn't spend a lot of money on this web site either. They advertise to tell you about their "low prices", but who do you think really pays for those ads? Not us!... and you shouldn't either.
Get a Better Bed at a Better Price, at the new Clearwater Discount Mattress warehouse in Largo.

Is "FREE Delivery" really FREE? Our everyday low price DOES NOT include delivery to your door. Read the small print in the ads for the big advertisers. Their delivery isn't free either, unless you spend over $800.oo, or $1000.oo Dollars. The Clearwater Discount Mattress warehouse delivers to the entire Tampa Bay area, and more importantly we coordinate the set-up of your new mattress, with YOUR schedule. Try to get that from the big-box stores. We are locally-owned and depend on the "word-of-mouth" advertising that comes from happy customers.

The new Clearwater Discount Mattress warehouse store in Largo is here to deliver a mattress you'll love, at price you can afford. It's that simple. We don't sell bedroom furniture, no sheets or pillows either. We don't rent appliances or home entertainment centers. We have great traditional, "double-sided" beds, that you can flip/rotate, plus firm orthopedic beds, pillow-top mattresses and memory foam beds too. Thinking about an "adjustable bed" to go under your new mattress? Our factory warehouse has those in stock too. Let us help you find the bed that gives you a good night's sleep, at a price that fits your budget.

Need other choices?

See what other mattress choices are available. Visit the Clearwater Discount Mattress warehouse store in Largo, the corner of Ulmerton Rd and 66th street, behind the Mobil gas station & Arby's.