What is a memory foam mattress?

From all the advertising you see and hear, you would think a memory foam bed is mattress magic.

Many customers find that a memory foam mattress does offer the best night's sleep. The TV commercials for the TempurPedic beds sure create curiosity.... but is it the right bed for you?

Clearwater Discount Mattress is here to tell you...

We know mattresses from top to bottom and inside out. The one thing we've always told customers is "Buy the mattress that makes you (and your partner) comfortable". The truth is nothing else matters.

Brand names come and go, so do mattress styles. Remember the water-bed popularity, years ago?
No matter what you read in the advertisements, a mattress, any mattress, even those with memory foam are just beds. The purpose of a mattress is to hold your body weight, keep your hips and spine aligned , and let your body rest at night.

What is Memory Foam ?

The basic material in a memory foam mattress is a Viscolastic foam. You know the story from the ads. Memory foam was invented as part of the NASA space program. Viscolastic foam won't transfer heat and is naturally hypo-allergenic, which is great for allergy sufferers. Memory foam beds "mold" to your body shape, because the support surface is made up of thousands of tiny cells, with a "memory". This foam will compress and "mold" to your body shape, but always return to its original flat surface.

The folks at TempurPedic don't want you to know that every bedding manufacturer makes a line of memory foam beds. Each one has a slightly different density of foam and constructs the mattress in slightly different ways, but the real differences are just cosmetic appearance and advertising hype. Three of the leading memory foam mattress companies, buy the "raw" foam from the same factory.

Clearwater Discount Mattress has lower prices, because.....

We like the competition between mattress brands. If the Tempur-Pedic brand memory foam beds at the mall have given you "sticker-shock", You are not shopping "smart". Don't let the franchise stores talk you into financing a bed, with monthly payments, like you buy a car! Let us offer an alternative. We have lower prices on quality memory foam mattresses, because we've worked hard to find quality mattress manufacturers that spend thier money making a better bed, not better advertising.

ATTENTION: You can take your time, Shop and compare at least 5 different memory foam beds at the Clearwater Discount Mattress store, on the corner of Ulmerton Rd and 66th Street.
Don't forget LATEX BEDS. Long before the Tempur-Pedic brand memory foam beds were all over the TV, Latex mattresses were the soft, supportive mattress that "insiders" talked about. Before you purchase ANY memory foam bed, we suggest you "test-rest" a latex bed too.
They cost about the same, but Latex feels firmer, and more supportive, if you have a "bad back".
A Latex mattress is also hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial, just like memory foam.

What about delivery of your new mattress?

Clearwater Discount Mattress will deliver any new mattress when it is convenient for you.
Try to get that convenience from the franchise name-brand stores that do pre-set route delivery.
We will also deliver "just a mattress". Our personal service goes not "require" you to buy a higher priced compete mattress set. If you have furniture, headboards in place or a platform bed, you may only want the mattress. The Clearwater Discount Mattress store in Largo is locally-owned. [You'll talk to the owner, in the store, most every day.] We are here to help you sleep better, tonight.