What is a Pillow-Top Mattress?

Unlike a standard mattress, a pillowtop mattress provides an additional cushioned surface for an extra padded feel. "Better" quality pillowtop beds will have a firmer support underneath the top-layer.

Not all "pillowtop" beds are the same. Shop, compare and "test-rest" several beds. The goal is to find the mattress that is the most comfortable for YOU.

Clearwater Discount Mattress has both "double-sided" and "no-flip" pillowtop beds.   Do you know the difference?

Pillowtop mattresses were "invented" in the 1970s when soft waterbeds became popular. It's hard to remember, but all beds used to be plain and really firm. The pillowtop idea allowed manufacturers to sell spring-ier, soft innerspring beds, hidden inside extra padding. Today's pillowtop beds are much different. A "better" pillowtop bed is firm, with a bigger layer of padding to make it comfortable.

Pillowtop beds are a popular choice at the Clearwater Discount Mattress stores in Largo.
That's why we display so many different models. Better quality pillowtop beds are double-sided mattresses, just like traditional, firm beds. Once you learn how to flip & rotate a mattress, you will generally get a more consistent sleep "feel" over the years. We have "No-Flip" [single sided] mattresses that are engineered to last for many years too.

What really matters, when shopping for a new mattress.

The average life-span of a mattress is 8 to 9 years. The average consumer buys a new mattress every 10-12 years. That means you are probably sleeping on a mattress that is saggy, weak and not offering a good sleep surface. That's also probably why you are reading this web site.
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